Utility Cloud streamlines the entire value chain of your energy company

Settlement and invoicing

Utility Cloud runs daily settlements for an efficient and automated invoicing

Market exchange

Utility Cloud integrates and automates market processes with your CRM and ERP system

Contract management

Utility Cloud manages your energy contract across your applications

Product management

Utility Cloud has smart solutions to build, test and launch energy products on your terms

API Management

Utility Cloud secure safe access to your data and services through APIs and data streams


Utility Cloud includes user friendly self-service applications for mobile and desktop

Manage customers and energy contract from your CRM system

Increase sales with leading CRM systems

Utility Cloud integrates with your CRM system

Efficient tools for sales and marketing is crucial to expand your customer base. Utility Cloud's has seamless integration with your CRM system

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CRM leverand�rer

Smooth customer service from one desk

Utility Cloud makes customer service efficient

Efficient customer service is critical for profitability. Utility Cloud integrates customer informaation and energy specific services in one tool of a simple and smooth customer service.

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Customers choose digital solutions

Utility Cloud improves customer experience with self-service

Utility Cloud makes it simple for your customers to order and manage their energy contracts through desktop and mobile applications.

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Streamline finance processes

Utility Cloud integrates settlement and invoicing in your ERP system

Manage invoicing, customer accounts, payments and accounting in one system. Secures efficiency, compliance and cost reductions.

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Smart solutions for your electricy company

High competition challenges the players in the eletrcity market

The energy market is changing rapildy, and challenges the adaptability of the energy companies. Utility Cloud offers the solutions that makes your organization competitive in a demanding market.

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Utility Cloud makes your organization efficient

Automated value chains reduce cost and improves quality

The enery market involces many unique processes put together into industrial value chains. Utility Cloud offers these value chains as efficient, compliant and most of all cost efficient services.

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Reduce cost and increase efficiency of your grid company

New market structures introduce new challenges for grid companies

There are increasing efficiency and compliance demands for grid companies. Utility Clouds solutions secures improved operations and reduced cost.

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Curious about Utility Cloud?

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