Automate your electricity company

Manual processes are costly

Utility Clouds automated and innovative solutions manage the daily routines, so you can focus on continuous improvement.

Expand your customer base with better sales tools

Customers are becoming more digital

Those companies that meet customers where they are will grow. Utility Cloud gives your organization access to the tools you need to win digital customers in the energy market.

Become a digital electricity company

Customers choose digital services. Utility Cloud helps you win digitaly with innovative and automated solutions.


Faster "time-to-market"

The energy market changes faster than ever

Electricy companies must be flexible to adapt the ever chaning marketplace. Utility Cloud offers the solutions that makes your organization adapt the market fast and cost efficient.


Reduse cost

In a market with low margins, cost is critical to be profitable

Utility Cloud offers technology that reduces costs and improves quality through the cloud. That ensures economy of scale and better services.

Improve customer loyalty through innovation

In a competitive market the players need to think new to keep their customers

Customers today demands more from their electricity company than low prices. They want innovative soltuions that simplify their every day life. Utility Cloud offers the possibilities your need to constantly attract new customers.


Is your company compliant?

Regulatory to nordic eneryg companies are becoming every more demanding

It's costly for energy companies to adapt to changing regulations. GDPR og SAF-T are two examples that challenges IT services to comply demanding requirements. Utility Cloud offers compliance-as-a-service to ensure adaptability to regulatory changes

Which energy products are most profitable?

Which customer segments should you focus on?

Utility Cloud provides the insight and tools you need to make the right decisions.

Curious about Utility Cloud?

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