Simplified energy processes

Utility Cloud reduces complexity

It's challenging for customer reps to have the expertise in all energy processes and market rules. Utility Cloud simplifies complex processes through smart services.


Let the customers do the work

Self-service in all digital channels

Customers want digital solutions. Utility Cloud offers user friendly self-service solutions for mobiles and desktop. The services include everything from orders, product changes, consumption overviews and invoice management.

Innovation requires open solutions

Utility Cloud is an ecosystem that is designed API first. That means all services are available through APIS and data streams so you can build innovative and customer centric services.


Intelligent product management

Utility Cloud makes energy products easy

Utility Cloud makes it easy to build creative and profitable energy products. It also lets you test the profitability of the products before you launch them to the market.


The best settlement engine on the market

Daily settlement for better insight and automated invoiving

Automated settlement and invoicing imrpoves quality and lower the risks. Utility Cloud runs daily settlements so you have insight and control over your revenue. It also improves time and quality of your invoiving.

Easy invoice management in your CRM system

Manage all customer invoices in dialog with the customer

Utility Cloud give customer service control over customer ledges, invoices and invoice settings in your CRM system.


Invoicing on your terms

Cost efficient invoicing with "Pass-Through-Invoicing"

Utility Cloud automates the invoice process to imrpove quality and control. Utility Cloud invoice service secures cost efficient, scalable, robust invoicing with high quality.

Automated book keeping in your ERP system

Always updated books for real time insight

Utility Cloud integrates the customer ledger in your ERP system so your always have an updated accounting system. This improves efficiency, compliance and insight.


Manage the entire customer journey in your CRM system

Utnyttja kraften i marknadsledande verktyg

UUtility Cloud levereras med färdiga integrationer med marknadens bästa lösningar inom CRM och kundservice.

Tailormade reporting

Utility Cloud gives you the insight you need

User groups have different need of information. Utility cloud provides the insight each user needs every day to understand the business.


Curious about Utility Cloud?

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